Increase Broadcaster and Production Productivity Through Monitoring By Exception

. We propose monitoring your most crucial media feeds, by exception, with sophisticated software, can be a tremendous enhancement to your team’s productivity. Instead of continually looking for audio, video, and ancillary data problems, engineers need not worry about them unless they have been notified that one exists. They can perform their daily tasks while a software tool monitors the facility for them.

The Surround Sound Display in the PRISM Waveform Monitor

In this post we’ll explore the surround sound diagnostic capability in PRISM with a review of the tools in the audio app and emphasis on the indicators that run around the periphery of the surround sound display in PRISM: specifically the phase and phantom source bars.

IP Video: Analyzing Stream Timing with a Waveform Monitor

In this third in our series of posts on IP diagnostics, we’ll discuss analyzing stream timing with a waveform monitor like the Telestream PRISM. As before, the details are covered in our technical guide. This is but a taste of why a Waveform Monitor is a valuable addition to your tool kit and some of the features that PRISM offers.