Using Screencasts to “Flip” Education

An interesting article recently ran in about how a couple of high school chemistry teachers in Arizona are using screencasting in their classrooms with huge impact.

They are “flipping” their class. Flipping means that what students would have done in class, they do as homework, and what they would have done as homework, they now do in class.  The teachers create screencast videos to deliver their lectures, and assign them as homework. Then, in class, students can ask teachers questions as they work through problems that they normally would have done at home without any teacher help.

There is so much opportunity for screencasting in education. It’s an exciting time to be a student!

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  1. Now we have yet another great container for educational and other screencasts. If you’ve used Pages to create EPUB-based eBooks with screencast video, you’ll really like creating .ibooks eTextbooks (or cookbooks or art catalogs or …) with the new and free iBooks Author. As “explainers” screencasts are extraordinarily powerful and in context with text images and other media, they are unbeatable in many cases.

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