Vantage is Stronger Through Partnership

How Telestream is in collaboration with global partners to provide comprehensive workflow solutions

vantageWith the complexity of today’s broadcast equipment market, it has become unrealistic for customers to buy a soup-to-nuts solution from a single company without compromising features, capabilities or quality. Partnership is mandatory.

For this reason, Telestream has integrated the technology of its Enterprise Partners—including over 50 industry leading technology companies worldwide—into its Vantage media-processing platform. This makes the toolbox available within the Vantage automated workflow extremely comprehensive.

Here is a quick rundown of the many third-party technologies integrated within Telestream Vantage:

Audio Encoding

Through a partnership with Dolby, Vantage incorporates Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby E technologies to provide high-quality sound for HD content. Through another partnership with Minnetonka, Vantage can interact with their AudioTools platform for audio QC and loudness control as part of its automated media processing workflow.

Bandwidth Optimization

As demand for delivering VOD content to multiscreen viewing platforms steadily grows, content providers have become increasingly concerned about conserving bandwidth. To help manage these costs, Telestream partnered with SSIMWave to deliver ABR Optimize, which enables content creators and service providers to significantly reduce delivery bandwidth, while maintaining perceived quality within the Vantage Multiscreen product.

Content Distribution

Telestream has partnered with Extreme Reach—a provider of video advertising management and distribution for television, digital, and mobile platforms—as an integral part of their North American infrastructure. This partnership enables transcoding, timing, conformance, closed captioning, and a myriad of other tasks to be part of Vantage automated workflows.

Content/Media Asset Management

With file-based workflows, content management and media asset management (MAM) are essential to keeping track of A/V assets and their metadata. By integrating with leading content management/MAM solutions, Vantage offers the means of handling a myriad of operational tasks as part of its automated workflow, such as generating proxies and thumbnails, and converting media to the formats needed for multi-platform distribution.

Vantage offers some level of integration with solutions from the following content management/MAM providers: Arvato/Bertelsmann, Avid, Cantemo, EmpressMedia, EMC, Evertz, evolphin, EVS, Oracle/Front PorchDigital, Grass Valley (a Belden Brand), IPV, Irdeto, Mediasilo, MediaBeacon, NetExposure, OpenText, Pronology, Levels Beyond, Ross, Scisys, SDVI, Sony, Square Box Systems, Three Media Associates, TMD, Vidispine, Vizrt and Xytech.

Digital Advertising

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) gives content providers and aggregators new opportunities to monetize their digital VOD assets. Vantage with VOD Producer DAI provides the only automated platform capable of assembling CableLabs compliant VOD content provisioned for DAI content. To do so, Telestream partnered with Cadent Technology and Canoe Ventures to enable VOD delivery platforms to not only prepare VOD content for DAI, but also dynamically schedule ads into that content.


Vantage offers tight, partnership integration with nonlinear editing systems, such as Avid Media Composer and Adobe® Premiere® Pro, to ensure an efficient, streamlined workflow between the two environments. For example, the Adobe Exchange Panel allows submissions to Vantage directly from Adobe Premiere.

File Acceleration

In today’s file-based workflows, there’s growing demand for file acceleration technology capable of moving video files—which are often very large and bandwidth-intensive—more rapidly between physical locations and the cloud. Vantage integrates file acceleration technology from such leading companies as Aspera, FileCatalyst, and Signiant, to enable users to easily execute file-based transfers from within the Vantage automated workflow.

Frame Rate Conversion

With the increasing demand for upconversion from HD to UHD and 4K, as well as the need to handle varying international standards, Telestream is in partnership with Cinnafilm to incorporate Tachyon for standards conversion and Dark Energy for up-conversion, into the Vantage media processing platform.


For newsrooms, where speed is of the essence, Telestream has a partnership with industry leading newsroom providers, like Avid, Bitcentral and Grass Valley (a Belden Brand) to ensure rapid processing of content from ingest to multi-platform delivery.

Playout Automation

Playout automation systems make sure that content is where it needs to be in the format it needs to be in, among other on-air playout tasks. To ensure that on-air requirements are automatically satisfied, Vantage offers partnership integration with automation solution from providers like Etere and Florical Systems.

 Quality Control

In  addition to Telestream Vidchecker, Vantage has integrated quality control technology from providers like Interra Systems, Tektronix, Venera and Nexidia, the Telestream Vantage media-processing platform enables users to automatically screen content for video and closed captioning quality as part of an automated, streamlined workflow.


To ensure that reliable, proven storage is readily accessible as part of its automated workflow, Vantage has been well-integrated with proven storage systems from leading providers—such as Archion, Avid, EMC/Isilon, EVS, Facilis Technology, IBM, NetApp, ObjectMatrix, Quantum, and Scalelogic.


Since broadcasters increasingly rely on watermarking technology to perform automatic content monitoring as well as to protect content from piracy, Telestream has a partnership with Civolution and Nielsen to provide these capabilities as part of the Vantage automated workflow.

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