The Ever-Expanding Scope of Delivery

The ever-expanding scope of delivery requirements, regulations, and file types has increased the need for QC. These requirements range from simple file and format specifications to very specific file verifications that ensure media complies with government or other regulations.

The massive increase and complexity of delivery requirements makes it virtually impossible to just send out one media file that works in all regions – in all cases. The linear supply chain is gone and that means the number of types of files to send has increased and the chance of making a mistake has gone up.

Now more than ever, professional media companies are using some sort of QC process to test their media to ensure it’s fit delivery and complies with laws and rules including:

Audio Loudness

Audio loudness specifications such as the CALM Act in the United States and EBU R128 in Europe ensure consistent loudness across genres and types of program material.

Photosensitive Epilepsy

Specific PSE (Photosensitive Epilepsy) regulations are in place in many regions including the UK and Japan. All broadcast media must pass specific PSW tests before being aired for the assessment of potential to trigger seizures in the susceptible population.

Program Delivery Specification

Other specifications such as the UK’s DPP (Program Delivery Specification) and France’s AS10 were adopted with the aim of standardizing file delivery specifications. For some content producers that deliver to a multitude of regions – the result is an increase in the overall number and types of delivery specifications to comply with.

With all these regulations and specifications, the change for mistakes – and fines – continues to grow. Additionally, airing bad content can cost your brand its reputation, because of this file-based QC is more important than ever.

To learn more about Vidchecker and automated QC download the Definitive Guide to File-based QC .

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