Tips and tricks for traveling to IBC

Everything you need to know before traveling to Amsterdam for IBC!

Since Telestreamers are veteran IBC attendees, we wanted to take the opportunity to share our travel tips and tricks for attending what can feel like five days of show madness. For some this is a completely new experience and for other it’s an annual visit. Regardless, our tips and trick should make your life at IBC a little bit easier.

Download the IBC app

While first generations of the IBC app were notoriously temperamental, all indications are that IBC has implemented some great improvements.  The app allows you to easily navigate through the rabbit warren that is the RAI with the interactive map, search the exhibitor list and add to your visit, arrange meetings, view the RAI restaurant selection while seeing their waiting times, and much more!

Pack for rain and sun

Amsterdam weather can be very unpredictable, and too many folks rely on the weather forecast when packing. Don’t fall into that trap!  Bring it all: sunscreen and sunglasses, raincoat and warm shoes. Better safe than sorry.

Drink lot’s of Water

These five days can be very tiring and you most likely won’t be getting enough sleep. A lot of stands offer free coffee and it’s easy to overdo on caffeine, which can be more dehydrating.  Look for stands that offer free water bottles to their visitors, take advantage of this and stay hydrated.  Make it a goal to drink three bottles of water during each show day to keep on top of things.

Pay attention to the time difference

As your calendar app may not account for the time difference, it is very important to stay on top of timing so you don’t miss anything

Pack smart

When getting ready for the day be smart and kind to yourself. Don’t pack to much as it can weigh you down, wear comfortable shoes (broken-in are best) and clothes, bring breath mints, make sure you bring enough business cards for the day, and finally bring your Advil as you may wake up in the morning feeling a bit worn out from yesterdays activities.

Book reservations in advance

During this time the restaurants will be very busy, it is important to book your reservations in advance to make sure you have a table. The IBC APP can also be very helpful when finding a place to eat. We’d share our recommendations, but good places are best kept secret.  Don’t you think?

Make use of the IBC hotel reservation service

These people are your friends and can making book your hotels a breeze. They’re the most knowledgeable about neighborhoods and accessibility, hotel amenities and proximity to transportation.

Use your free time wisely

If you are lucky enough to find yourself with a bit of free time we recommend renting a bike to explore the beautiful city or even bike a ways out of town. Some hotels even offer bikes for free, so ask your hotel before renting one. The coast is a quick train ride from the city centre, and don’t forget the fantastic parks and museums.  Amsterdam is truly a world-class city.

Enjoy your time in Amsterdam!

Last but not least, enjoy your time in the amazing city and be ready to enjoy a Heineken, as it is the most popular beer in Amsterdam and at IBC. Cheers!  See you September 15th!

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